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Module 1:

introduction to human trafficking

Welcome to Module 1

Welcome to the first module in a three-part online training on human trafficking. Before beginning, review the following information on what you’ll learn in this module and how you’ll progress through the online learning material.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Possess knowledge of laws, terms, and definitions of human trafficking
  • Understand what factors may make a person vulnerable to trafficking
  • Understand methods of recruitment and control used by traffickers
  • Discuss how human trafficking intersects with sexual assault and domestic violence
  • Identify signs and indicators of human trafficking

What You’ll Learn

  • Formal definition of human trafficking and the current laws against it
  • How someone may be vulnerable to being trafficked
  • Methods of recruitment and control traffickers use
  • Common signs and red flags to assist you in identifying human trafficking

How You’ll Learn

  • Self-paced instruction online
  • Interactive exercises
  • Authentic case scenarios
  • Infographic resource downloads
  • Short quizzes to check your learning